Friday, 19 June 2015


ECO Cleaning Is Healthy Cleaning
A green workplace has been found to be safer for employees and visitors alike. Also, in many instances, green cleaning processes are better for your facility.

For instance, regular cleaning agents tend to be caustic, wearing out surfaces over time and diminishing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. Additionally, some cleaners can agitate those with sensitivities to chemicals. That’s why ECO cleaning focuses on reducing particulates, harmful emissions
ECO cleaning is environmentally responsible and economically profitable. In addition, going green will allow your business or facility to:

Improve the Planet
Reduce environmental impact
Create a better future for our children
Conserve, reduce and rescue our national resources
Improve Profits
Increase occupancy rates
Lower operational costs
Increase asset value
Increase shareholder value
Reduce liability and insurance costs
Increase safety and reduce risk
Improve Lives
Increase tenant comfort
Improve employee productivity
Improve employee relations and morale
Reduce illness and absenteeism
Foster overall workplace wellness
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